What Are the Most Popular App Categories?

It seems incredible to think that it was only in 2007 that the first iPhone was launched. Back then, it felt like a novelty device. Today, it’s an indispensable part of modern life. It would be a reasonable guess to say that everyone you know has a smartphone. And not only does everyone have a smartphone, but they use them all the time — the daily usage has been increasing all the time, and it’s especially high among younger people. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though it’s often painted as such. It’s not so much how much time people are spending on their devices, but what they’re doing with them. 

So let’s take a look at the most popular app categories, which will show us just how people are using their iOS and Android devices. 

Pexels – CCO Licence

Healthcare Apps

It took a while for healthcare apps to become popular. But that’s just because the technology required to provide useful healthcare apps just wasn’t there yet — the demand has always existed. Healthcare apps are working their way up the app charts because, well, they offer a lot. There aren’t too many apps that have such a positive impact. Whether it’s helping people take care of their health issues or providing actionable tips to push their health and wellness forward, healthcare apps have been nothing but positive. 

Finance Apps

One of the more underrated advantages of owning a smartphone is how much it can help people get a grip on their finances. It seems quaint now, but in the pre-digital age, people were more or less on their own. There was no easy way to invest or to save. You had the knowledge, or you didn’t. Today, apps can help to fill those knowledge gaps, and people love it. If you know how to build an investment platform for smartphones, then you’ll find a big audience. There are also a host of apps that make saving easier than ever, for example, the “round up” apps that automatically direct money to your savings account every time you make a purchase with your card. 

Food and Shopping

You’ve always been able to order food via your phone. But you had to call. Today, you can get food from restaurants all across the city delivered to your front door with just a few clicks of a button. People are also increasingly using apps to buy non-food goods, such as clothes and electronics. It’s never been easier! 

Game Apps

Take a look at what people are up to during their commute to work on the train, and you’ll invariably see them staring down at their devices, playing a game. This sector has taken off in a big way in recent years, and today is a highly valuable market. That’s in part because of the sheer range of games available. There are games that are up there with console games, but there are also plenty of hyper-casual games that are perfect for playing when you have a spare 10 minutes.