Top 9 Music Genres for a Joyride

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By Lydia Lee

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Are you tired or overstressed from work? It would be suitable for your health to take a deep breath and relax while enjoying your surroundings. Perhaps you can go for a stroll downtown or hit the road with friends en route to your favorite place. There’s nothing like a joyride with friends. The only thing you need to worry about is what music to play during your joyride.

In general, traveling will improve your life. And sometimes, a good old-fashioned joyride is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t have to think about any of your problems or even your final destination. All you need to do is focus on driving. It will surely lighten your mood and help you relive all the emotional stress that you’ve been experiencing.

Why Listen to Music While Driving?

Music has been used by many as a form of entertainment while on the road. The beautiful thing about music is that you can enjoy it in silence, or you can sing your heart out while driving.

It helps stave off drowsiness, which is especially dangerous if you’re alone, and if you’re with friends on a joyride, you can practically have a party inside the car. As long as you have an excellent music player, anything is possible. You should check out Karaoke Bananza’s list of best portable DVD players for cars

Amazon also has a great selection of portable DVD players.

Once you have a good DVD player, you can think about what kind of music you?re going to play. Here are some of the top music genres to listen to while having a joyride. 

Hip-hop and Rap Music

Hip-hop is the favorite music of many. It’s especially popular amongst college kids and streetwear aficionados. This type of music focuses on freedom and relationships. With the lyrics and beats, anyone can liven up their spirits while cruising on the road. It?s definitely a swag party when you’re jamming to rap music with your friends. When you are having a good time, things like being stuck in traffic don’t tend to be as bothersome. As long as you’re moving along with the beat, everything will be fine.

You may like artists such as Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent, Run the Jewels, Schoolly D, Snoop Dogg, and of course, Eminem.

Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music is a genre of music consists of different tones that are combined by DJs to create new music. You can usually hear this in clubs or at concerts. If you want to feel like you’re out partying in a club with your friends while you’re joyriding, I suggest you play a little EDM. It will make everyone excited and give you an extra burst of energy while you cruise down the road. It’s best to play it on a speaker at a reasonably high volume if you want to feel the beat of the music.

It?s a go-to music genre – especially if you think that you’re already a bit sleepy. Spice things up by moving your body with the rhythm while driving. However, make sure that you don’t drink while driving!

Country Music

Country music usually includes ballads and dance songs with folk lyrics. This kind of music has its unique charm and has been deeply rooted in American culture. It’s also popular with people who love traveling on an open road. Here are some famous country singers that you may know. Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, and Kenny Rogers. Try rolling down your windows and enjoying a little bit of country.


If you want to look around a city while enjoying your time serenely, you can try trip-hop music. It is a low-tempo type of music that is easy-going, urban, and sophisticated. It is a chill type of music, so it is nice to play at a moderate volume.

Classic Rock Music

There’s a lot of rock music that seems like it was specifically created to accompany people on road trips. It is especially true of rock music from the ’80s and ’90s – back when road tripping was more popular. Some of the more well-known songs would make for some fun karaoke material. You might want to check out Queen, Bruce Springsteen, and Gary Numan if you’re looking for joyride music.

Alternative Rock Music

Alternative rock is a type of rock music that came during the ’80s and rose to popularity in the ’90s. Alternative rock came out together with the other kinds of rock music like grunge, Britpop, gothic rock, and indie-pop. Alternative rock is also classic, free, and comfortable music that is good for reflecting on good times from your past. If you’re taking a slow joyride to clear your head, alternative rock might be the right music for you.

It’s a bit more mellow than hardcore rock music, so it?s a great driving companion. Good choices for this genre include Blink 182, Sum 41, and Nirvana.

Drum and Bass

DnB, or drum n bass, is a type of electronic music with high beats and heavy bass. It became popular in the 1990s in the United Kingdom. The influence came from the original Jamaican dub and reggae sound. The rhythms and hums make it an excellent choice if you’re in the mood for something a bit more hardcore while you drive.

Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and blues, or r&b, is a combination of rhythm and blues that includes pop, soul, funk, hip-hop, and electronic music. Some of the most popular musical artists ever are r&b artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Beyonc?. Though not the same as it was at its peak, r&b is still popular, and it’s great for singing along to during road trips.


Jazz began in New Orleans in the 1990s and is thought of as one of America’s original art forms. This type of music has a blend of rhythms and tempos. It birthed numerous legendary female singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Betty Carter, Abbey Lincoln, and Ethel Waters. If you just like chill and relaxing music, then jazz is the genre for you!

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