Planning a Budget-Friendly Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

We are bound to see more and more people traveling once lockdown is over, as they embrace their freedom again. If you have never visited Scotland before, this should definitely be high up on your bucket list. It is a stunning part of the UK, which has some of the most magical and dramatic landscapes, as well as there being plenty to do and see here.

If you are planning to visit Scotland, there is only one place you should consider spending your vacation, and that is Edinburgh. The city captures everything that Scotland is all about and is a truly fantastic place to spend your holiday once the lockdown is over. You won’t be short of places to see and things to do – that’s for sure. Not only this, but there are lots of great holiday homes in Edinburgh as well, and these make the perfect place to reside for the duration of your stay. 

Why Should You Visit Edinburgh?

If you are not sure regarding whether to visit Edinburgh or not, you will be by the time you have finished reading this article. This blog post will divulge all you need to know about why Edinburgh is a fantastic place to visit. 

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the castle. The castle is a vision of sheer beauty and is visible from all over the city. It is worth a visit up close, of course. But the fact that you can look up and see the views of a castle is dramatic and breath-taking. Whether you are interested in history or not, you will have an appreciation for this castle, and it is worth a visit for everyone.

Aside from the beautiful castle, Edinburgh is also considered to be a shopper’s paradise. Princes Street is a fantastic setting to enjoy a brilliant day of retail therapy. On one side of the street, you have an array of all of the best shops, whilst on the other side, you have the sheer beauty of some phenomenal public gardens. The balance between the two is astounding. It’s a relaxing place to shop, and many people use it as a way to escape from the stressful hustle and bustle of shopping in the UK.

On a summer’s day, there really is nowhere else quite like it! Yes, you did read that right; the sun does shine in Scotland, so make sure you check out somewhere like and get yourself a good pair of sunglasses for your trip. Also, pack some sunscreen. If you are going to be visiting Edinburgh during the summer or even early spring, the temperatures can be hot. They have already had some scorching days so far this year.

Where to Stay in Edinburgh

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of great holiday homes in Edinburgh. This is something that is worth further elaboration. After all, you will get to enjoy your stay in a traditional, beautiful, and character-filled property. This truly adds to the whole vacation and makes it a lot more comforting and enjoyable.

Staying in one of the quaint and character-filled holiday homes in Edinburgh is the first thing you need to do when enjoying a great vacation. After all, if your accommodation is more underwhelming than it is impressive, it can put a real damper on your holiday. You need to make sure you stay somewhere that is cozy and comfortable and provides you that little bit of luxury that holiday accommodations should.

Thankfully, there are a lot of cottages and homes boasting all of these qualities in Edinburgh, and if you do a little bit of digging, you should have no trouble when it comes to finding the perfect place to reside during your stay. We have noticed that many accommodation providers are offering deals at the moment to tempt people to book in light of COVID-19. There might not be a more advantageous time to travel to Edinburgh on a budget than right now.

Let’s Not Forget About the Whiskey

Furthermore, if you are a fan of whiskey, Edinburgh will be your idea of heaven. You cannot leave the city without taking a trip to The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre. Not only will you learn a lot about the popular Scotch drink, but you will also have a few giggles along the way. Oh, and of course, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or two in the process as well.

Explore Old Town and New Town

Aside from the points already mentioned, the Old Town and the New Town are another reason Edinburgh is such a fantastic attraction. The Old Town is a place whereby the poor and the rich lived before the creation of the New Town. The New Town came about in the mid-18th century, and the rich people flocked to this location. However, before that, the cramped and steep streets of the Old Town housed everyone. Both places are well worth a visit. Not only do you get to have a taste for the history of Edinburgh, but you get to witness the stark contrast between both places.

And last but not least, Edinburgh is a great place to take the family as it has lots of attractions that are suitable for all ages. The Museum of Childhood is a prime example of this. This museum is home to lots of remarkable children’s toys. 

Scotland is a fascinating place, and Edinburgh aptly showcases this. If you are looking for a great weekend’s trip away with all of the family, there is nowhere better. The city has something for all ages. Not only this, but there are lots of fantastic holiday homes in Edinburgh for you to reside in during your stay.

Free Activities to Enjoy During Your Stay

What would a holiday be without things to do and see? Edinburgh is also brimming with spectacular sights. However, not everybody has the money to spend on elaborate activities throughout their stay. This is even more so the case as of late. After all, we all know that the economy isn’t exactly soaring at the moment, and the majority of people don’t have heaps of money to spend on luxuries. That’s why Edinburgh is so good – it offers people a fantastic vacation without having to spend tons of money on flights. Another great thing about Edinburgh is the fact that there are lots of things to see and do in the city for free. That’s right; you can have fun without even spending a penny.

Free Attractions to Visit

You should absolutely start with the Museum of Edinburgh. Where better to discover all that the city is about? Whether you are interested in history or not, it is always a good idea to get a little bit of a feel for what has made the city the place it is today. It is remarkable to consider that this museum is free to enter when you take into account all that you will witness upon your visit. The sheer fact that the Museum of Edinburgh incorporates history from prehistoric times right up until the modern-day should show just how much it has to offer. The array of ancient amazements on offer ranges from artifacts to letters to pottery to books to Scottish silver. One of the standout features is the array of colorful shop signs featured throughout the museum. These tend to be particularly popular with visitors. 

Aside from visiting the museum, another popular attraction that is free to visit is St. Giles’ Cathedral. Religious buildings are always among the most beautiful. Their intricate details are a sheer vision of beauty. St. Giles’ Cathedral also serves as a Royal Mile landmark. It was founded in the 12th century by John Knox. In fact, concerning the Presbyterian religion, it is actually considered to be the mother church. The building is certainly one of beauty, with an abundance of intricate woodwork and stonework.

And last but not least, this article would not be complete without a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden. If you are staying in one of the fantastic holiday homes in Edinburgh, this is a must-visit. If you have an appreciation for all things nature-related, you won’t want to leave the Royal Botanic Garden. It staggeringly boasts over 34,000 plants and 17,000 species. It is a place of beauty and serenity, to say the least. Not only do you have a massive amount of different plants, but there is also a Victorian-style Palm House conservatory, a Scottish Heath Garden, a woodland garden, and a rock garden too. It is not to be missed.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: your complete guide to enjoying a fun and budget-friendly trip to Edinburgh. You really do not need to spend a fortune to make the most of all of the great things that Edinburgh has to offer. Make sure you spend some time researching online and comparing the different accommodation options that are available so you can find the best deal and make your money go further. 

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