Making Room for Your Lost Loved One At Home

Lost loved ones

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many families to face the unexpected loss of a loved one. Loss is always a difficult situation. Everyone goes through the five stages of grief at their own pace. However, the pandemic situation has accelerated events and increased stress levels. In a previous article, we’ve focused on finding paths that can help you cope and heal. Indeed, even when things are hectic around you, you can’t afford to delay grief. It’s important to give yourself the time to grieve and mourn the departure of a loved one. We’ve also considered keeping a part of them with you. Cremation jewelry is a popular solution to allow you to wear the memory of a loved one. But there are other approaches you can use to maintain the presence of a lost friend or relative inside your home. 

Create a space for them in the garden

Whether a loved one is cremated or buried, you can choose to build a small structure inside your garden to honor their memory. Some households choose to add a bench with their loved one’s name, overlooking their favorite flower or tree. Others build a “sacred place” that encourages them to reflect and reminisce, such as an elegant rock fountain in a pond or a natural flower arch. Regardless of your choice, you’ll need to keep the garden looking pristine. So it’s a good idea to invest in pond water treatment or a potent fertilizer for the lawn — unsure where to start? Check this yard commander tow broadcast fertilizer spreader review that will give you some direction. It’s a peaceful and soothing spot where the family can feel the connection with their loved one. 

Make it into a decorative item

Perhaps you have a vivid memory of a loved one wearing a shirt or the curtain fabric inside their home. When fabric plays a huge role in your recollection of their presence, you can also make it part of your home decor. A popular DIY project for memory is to make a stuffed teddy bear using fabric. Parents often use a teddy bear for a newborn’s clothes. But you can apply the same technique to remember a grandparent, a parent, or a sibling. 

Hang your favorite photos

A gallery wall is a wonderful opportunity to keep the family memories together as time passes. You can hang your favorite moments, keeping your loved one at the center of everyday life. A lost grandparent can remain next to the photos of the new members of the family. Even they never get to meet in real life, they are cherished in the memory. They remain part of the family’s story, keeping your connection to the past while living fully in the present. 

Every family is different. Not everyone feels the need to keep a part of their loved ones in plain sight of everyday activities. Perhaps, you are more comfortable with a keepsake in a special room or space at home, where you can go when you miss your loved one. Others want to see and feel them as a part of their day-to-day routine. There is no rule for how you choose to keep a loved one in your mind. But regardless of your choice, you know they will never leave your heart. 

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Grieving loved ones