How To Make Your Instagram News Feed More Interesting

Even though it is one of the most popular apps, sometimes Instagram can get a bit boring and samey. However, there are some ways to get more out of the platform. Whether you’re having your morning coffee, taking your lunch break, or sitting on the toilet, make your scrolling count.


One of the newer features to hit the account is reels, which are multi-clip short videos. So many people have started using them to show quick videos on DIY, recipes, and so on. You know, the types of things that most of us love to watch. From a business perspective, it can be perfect for showing sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, and engaging with your audience in a whole new way. As consumers, we certainly do love the more personal touch from businesses and brands.

Celebrity Fan Accounts

Celebrities are on Instagram now sharing their lives and upcoming projects they are working on. When they join, things go wild very quickly. When Jennifer Anniston joined, everyone went crazy, and she had a vast influx of followers within the day!

Everyone loves following celebrities on Instagram. Who wouldn’t? They are beloved by all, and people are fascinated by what they post. But something to look out for as well is fan accounts. Some of them only repost from various celebrities. On the other hand, there are some really interesting celebrity fan accounts that share sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes shots. They show you interesting information or old pictures of the celebrity, some of which you may not have seen yet. Some of them are quite creative and can offer you more than what the celebrities post. It is certainly a good idea to give them a follow alongside the celebrity you know and love.

Follow Smaller Accounts

Huge accounts like Mrs. Hinch are great to follow, but remember, she started small. Smaller accounts, like micro-influencers and budding entrepreneurs, are great to follow. They are a lot more enthusiastic about what they are posting, and they are more likely to reply to you if you have questions or want to start up a conversation. There’s also the bonus of seeing them grow their account from the start. Look into some hashtags of subjects that you are particularly interested in. Whether that is recipes, makeup, or entrepreneurship, there are so many accounts out there, and you can really discover some hidden gems.

Establish Yourself as a Brand on Instagram

Stepping into the limelight to establish your personal brand and share your top tricks and tips can make your use of the app a lot more enjoyable and purposeful. Not only will you be helping people with things that you are good at, but you can also gain confidence. Think of it as a new hobby. It can be something that you can enjoy, keeps you busy, and provides some benefit to your life. You might even grow to be an expert in your niche, which would turn into using Instagram in a whole new way.

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