How to Deal with a Lack of Creativity

Burned sheet music

Creativity is humanity reaching its fullest potential. One of the purest forms of creativity is writing music. Writing music has the power to teach, heal, and connect you with your emotions. There is no doubt that it can be a very healing experience.

However, there is a flip side to that, and if you create regularly, it can take a toll on you. When you are a musician, you might not realize how draining the creative process can be, especially when you are also dealing with the many challenges that life can bring.

It is a good idea to take some time for self-care, otherwise, you could find yourself burned out and unable to create.

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Creativity Ebbs and Flows

There may be times when you are flooded with creativity and you are ready to write great lyrics. Conversely, there are other times when it may seem as if you have been completely drained. This is something even the greatest musicians experience.

It is important to accept this as a natural part of the process of creating. If you can’t find it in you to create, then just take the time to relax. Your creativity will return.

Draw Inspiration from Other Artistes

It can be useful to get out of your own headspace and delve into the music of others when your own creativity is failing you. Buy sheet music online, especially inspirational ones. 

The way maker sheet music is a good place to start. This popular song by African artist Sinach can remind you that there is a higher power beyond yourself that you can rely on. 

Inspirational music shifts your mindset. Even if you don’t get your muse back immediately, you are sure to gain some motivation to carry on.

Alternatively, you can head to social media to find similar artists and work you admire so you can delve deep into others’ stories and draw on the inspiration this can give you. Be it following the journey of Joey Armstrong, a drummer with SWMRS, formally Emily’s Army, or charting the rise of global superstars from your genre, there is a wealth of information and inspiration online if you look in the right places.

Go to Nature

If your creativity is failing you, it may be time to go out into nature. The sounds of nature will remind you of music. Listen to the ocean crashing, the birds chirping, and animals cracking branches in the woods.

Nature is a place where your mind can relax and rest. This can improve your overall mental health. Take a pen and paper with you and write down little tidbits of what you are feeling.

You may be able to use that later to come up with lyrics for your next song. Capture the atmosphere in pictures that you can look at later. Doing this may not only help to spark your creativity now but it may also come in handy when you can’t seem to find your creativity in the future.

Looking back on those moments of inspiration through pictures may be just what you will need in the future.

Getting Back to a Creative Place

Getting your creativity back can take some time. Just know that it is not too far, and when you are burned out, don’t fall into despair even though you may be tempted to.

Think of the lack of creativity as a sign that you need to take a step back and do some self-care in order to re-energize yourself and do your best work yet.

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