Discover How To Cope With Loss And Heal

2020 was a hectic year, and it forced us to confront fears that we’d been avoiding. Chief amongst those fears for many of us is losing a loved one. Losing a loved one is always going to be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to destroy your world. You can recover.

If you are dealing with a death in the family for the first time, then it’s quite common for it to throw your entire life off balance. You might begin to question the purpose of life if we all end up at the same place regardless. Or, you could wonder how you are going to continue through your life without that person there by your side. You have probably heard of the five stages of grief but coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is often a little more complex than that. Let’s explore some of the key ways that you can cope, heal, and mend your soul. 

Don’t Try and Do Too Much 

One of the first mistakes that you can make when coping with grief after losing a loved one is to try and escape or perhaps ignore the pain. It is completely understandable why people do this because it’s often easier than tackling the reality of the situation head-on. However, more often than not you are just delaying the process. Eventually, your mind will snap back and you’ll realize what is now gone from the world. This can be a massive blow and cause you to break down completely. 

That’s why if you can, it’s worth taking some time away from things and ensuring that you are able to get the rest that you need. For instance, you might want to think about taking some time off work. It could even be worth going on a trip somewhere new so that you can relax and more importantly, work through all the different emotions that you are feeling. Grief is not typically something that will be black and white. 

Keeping a Part of Them With You 

You might want to consider whether you can keep a person that you lost close to you so you still feel connected to them even after they are gone. This can be useful if they were a key part of your life and helped you cope with your fear of traveling or simply made you feel more secure. There are lots of ways that you can guarantee that you are holding onto a piece of them. For instance, you can explore options like cremation jewelry. Here the ashes are preserved inside a locket or a jewel that you can wear whenever you wish. 

Alternatively, you might also want to explore art with cremation ashes. This can take the form of a little ornament or a similar piece. You can look at this when you feel lonely and instantly feel as though a part of them remains with you. 

Write It Down 

If you are struggling to cope or indeed come to terms with your feelings and emotions then you might want to think about trying to write them down. You can do this by using a diary or a journal. It can be useful to try and write down key memories that you have which are related to the individual. If you do this, then this can again help you feel more connected to them and ensure that they do not feel lost from your world completely. 

You will also be able to come to terms with your loss on your own terms and look back at your writing whenever you need to. This can be incredibly therapeutic. 

Explore Different Faiths and Beliefs

Finally, you might want to consider exploring what different faiths believe about death and what it means. It can be useful and eye-opening to gain a different perspective of the world as well as what happens after death, even if you don’t believe it fully yourself. You might want to think about looking at some of the main religions to find what answers they offer. Each religion has its own perspective about the concept of death and what it means. By exploring these possibilities, you will be able to deepen your own perspective. 

We hope this helps you understand to cope with the death of someone you loved, whether that was a family member or a close friend. If you can learn how to cope, you will be able to put yourself on a clearer path and ensure that you are able to recover without going in the wrong direction. Don’t forget many people feel that death is not the final answer and you may well see that person you held so dear in your heart once more. 

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