Four Things Your Girls Night In Needs!

There is nothing quite like a girls’ night in, is there? Getting all of your best friends together and making sure that everyone is having a great time? That’s half the fun of it! The best thing to do with your best friends isn’t always going out on the town; sometimes, you need a night in the house to enjoy yourselves and have as much fun as possible. A girls’ night in is basically an adult sleepover, and whether you enjoy an evening of takeout food or you enjoy some cheesy rom-coms, you should think about how you can best enjoy your night in with your friends.

You need to make your girls’ night the best possible one given that the restrictions are all letting down now. This is a chance for you all to have fun, stay safe, and save your money from being spent in overpriced restaurants. It’s nice to buy brand new women’s comfortable loungewear if you’re the host, and it’s also nice to be able to set up your home ready for all of your friends to enjoy themselves when they arrive. Below, we’ve got four things that your girls’ night really does need.

  • A Spa Theme. Face masks are fun, but it’s more fun to make face masks that you can enjoy together! Bring in all the great fruits, and you can make blended face and hair masks, and there are plenty of home spa face masks recipes here that you can enjoy. Treating yourselves to nourishing masks is a good place to start with your girls night in. You can really help your skin and you can learn to glow from within with it – and while you’re gossiping, you’re going to have so much fun!
  • The Right Tea. When we say tea, we mean tea, not thinly veiled margarita mix, though that’s welcome, too! You can make sure that you have a range of teas such as green, chamomile, honey tea and lemon tea, too. These calming teas will be the perfect relaxant and addition to your own spa masks!
  • Comfy Pajamas. We mentioned the women’s comfortable loungewear, but you could give all of your night in participants a set of their own monogrammed pajamas, too. You all have to be comfortable to ensure that you have the best possible night, and comfort is key for that!
  • Setting the Mood. It may not be a romantic night in, but you should set the mood for your night in, and you should think about the right lighting, huge comfortable pillows for everyone to sit on, and even blankets and Slankets to help add to the mood. You need these for when you switch the movies on and start playing fun word games together. It’s vital that you all feel like you can just unwind and chat, it’s all important if you want to make sure that this night comes together well.

A girls’ night gives you a chance to be with your friends and have an amazing time together.