Best Side Hustle Ideas To Improve Your Personal Finance

Most people around could do with a little extra money. Whether you want money to save, spend, or use to allocate against debt. It’s a great thing that you’re trying to improve your personal financial situation, but unless you know exactly what you’re going to do it can be a bit of a mire. There are so many ways you can make some extra income without going the full distance and setting up your own business, it’s just about finding exactly what’s right for you. It’s why copying someone else who’s seen a bit of success might not always be super successful. Everyone has different skills, but they also have different amounts of time available to allocate to a side hustle. It’s simply about assessing and auditing what you can do and see if there is an angle to make some cash from it. With that said, it’s easier if you can see certain ideas beforehand as they can help something click in your brain which can help you grow.

Focus On Your Passion

If you can link up your side hustle to your hobby, passion, or pastime then you’re onto a winner. It might not feel like a total chore, and you won’t mind doing it after a long day at work. Perhaps you have a good collection of wildlife cameras and want to start taking photos. Maybe you have a passion for languages and want to tutor others wishing to learn. There is usually an angle of some sort you can take which can monetize your passion. Spend time researching how. Don’t just jump right into it, and don’t do it if you think it’ll kill the passion over time. Your hobby and downtime should always be protected and if work is seeping into it then it won’t be a hobby anymore, so take care. Some people will say that they don’t have a hobby or anything to monetize, but just look into your interests and approach it from that way. 

Start Blogging

If you like writing, or have interests in certain hobbies like music, gaming, fashion, etc., you can create a blog. Put enough time and energy into it and you can end up making some decent money out of it. You can do this by getting into affiliate marketing, making money through an advertising platform like Adsense, or through offering services via your blog. You just need a website to get started. You can do this for free on WordPress but for the better themes and offers, you’d need to pay. It’s also quite time-consuming. You need to post regularly if you want to properly rank. It’s one of those side hustles that takes a while to really reap the reward but when it comes it’s pretty much on autopilot. 


FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and is essentially the practice of selling items through the Amazon store. The fulfillment aspect comes in where Amazon handles all of the logistics. You can choose to do this yourself of course. It’s a great side hustle because once you’ve done the initial research and set up you can manage your Amazon account pretty easily and ensure that things tick over. This is a great bet if you’ve spotted a gap in the market. It’s pretty similar to dropshipping but you don’t have to worry about creating your own website and driving traffic to it as you’re on an established seller platform. It can mean, depending on how you scale, that you need a bit more start-up capital than other ventures here but if the automated element of it interests you it’s surely something worth looking into. 

Sell Your Crafts

Another great way of making some money on the side is in the selling of your crafts. Etsy is a brilliant place to do this or to at least start doing it. You just need to take their fees into account, as well as the actual shipping costs, etc. Using a third-party seller like Etsy can really help you get off the ground. You just need to ensure your crafts are of good quality. Share them with some family and friends first to see what they think and get some decent feedback. You can sell paintings, sculptures, jewelry…whatever you want. Just make sure to package it up in a way that you know the innards won’t get damaged or you’ll end up with unhappy customers which isn’t good the first time around. 

Take A Lodger

If you live alone in a larger apartment or house you can consider letting a lodger rent the spare room. It’s a really easy way of making some extra cash through rent, you just have to make sure you’re in the right place. You don’t want to be doing this if you really enjoy your own company or are planning on asking your partner to move in. You really need to be careful about vetting the lodger to ensure you’re compatible on all fronts. Don’t rush in on the first person you find and wait a little longer. It might be worth checking the laws of the state you’re in too because there might be rules and regulations around taking lodgers or renting out rooms so read up on what you want to do before you list your room on a website. 

Freelance With Your Skill

Maybe you’re a wizzy writer and can sell your skills on a freelance platform like Fiverr or Upwork. Maybe you’re brilliant at designing infographics or coding websites. Whatever it is, you can be sure there’s someone willing to pay. Getting started on a site like this is hard, and you might have to price yourself pretty cheap. However, once you get off the ground you can be sure that people will come to you for what you can do. Provide a good service and focus on getting some top-tier reviews and you’ll have a side income coming in for as long as you are on the platform. 

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